Featured Sponsors

Fashion Live! Downtown offers tremendous sponsorship opportunities to potential sponsors. Our specially selected venue, The Tampa Convention Center, will be a great enhancement to products and services being promoted.

Sponsorship packages range from $500.00 to $2,000.00.

  1. Title Sponsorship: $2,000.00 will offer the role of Title Sponsor. The event would be named Fashion Live! Downtown presented by YOUR COMPANY. The invitations would be branded with your company’s name. Major visibility on The Fashion Movement and Fashion Live! Downtown websites and your company’s brand will be displayed throughout the entire event, in addition to other benefits.
  2. Runway Sponsorship: A $1,500.00 is also available. Companies sponsoring our show’s runway will be given title to the runway. This branding will include signage along the runway displaying your company’s name. Company’s name mentioned throughout the event as models walk your company’s runway, in addition to other benefits.
  3. Senior Sponsorship: The $500.00 level of sponsorship your company is added as part of the Fashion Live Downtown team and given sampling opportunities, in addition to other benefits.
  4. Ticket Sponsorship: A sponsor can purchase a bundle of advanced tickets (VIP or General Admission). These tickets are for Sponsors to distribute as they see necessary.

For more information and/or to apply for sponsorship, please download the document below.


Saks Fifth Avenue "Salon & Spa"




Mekka International


Tampa Dancehall


Tampa Artists Emporium
"support local art"


Style Publications


Tampa Bay Woman Newspaper


Samanta Shoes


The Fashion Movement


Reggae Jerk Jam


Spain Restaurant


Sterling Media


L.A. Gallery Hair & Make-up Studio



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