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We are Their Voices
Every year in Hillsborough County, thousands of children are trapped in hopeless homelife situations. Even after they are removed by law enforcement, the vast majority of them have no say in their futures. Approximately 65% of these abused, abandoned and neglected children face a judicial system that does not get the chance to hear what is in their best interests.

That is why Guardian ad Litem exists.
And that is why Voices For Children works tirelessly on its behalf.

Say the Word And We'll Be There For Them.
Guardian ad Litem and Voices for Children need your help. There are two specific ways you, your company or organization can provide this much-needed assistance.

Contribute funds that will allow Guardian ad Litem to represent every child who needs help during legal proceedings. Currently, the program can serve only about 35% of these children. Our goal is to provide 100% representation for the abused, neglected and abandoned children of Hillsborough County.

Volunteer to become a Guardian. Volunteers are screened and thoroughly trained in areas relating to courtroom procedure, child welfare, and the special needs of children. Volunteers are at least 19 years old and are basically ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Guardians in the program routinely describe their volunteer services as one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives.


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